Learning to make the girl their Girlfriend – From Fling to “Serious Thing”

Learning to make the girl their Girlfriend – From Fling to “Serious Thing”

A great lady you can’t stop contemplating, also enjoys your right back. Awesome.

However now you ponder… “how do we generate the lady *officially* mine? How Do You make this lady simple gf?”

If you’re trying to turn your own affair into a “serious thing”… after that pay close attention to today’s Q+A publication because you are planning to learn how to generate their your own girl.

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All right let’s can they. We’ll get started with one question.


I told a female We enjoyed her and she mentioned she liked me personally back once again, we have been on / off for 4 age.

She said she doesn’t wanna destroy the relationship so when I query the lady to begin talking like bf and gf, and she says she doesn’t understand.

So is this a courteous method to say she does not at all like me and place me personally into the friend area or you think she’s not provided the girl notice up or anything. Thank you so much for your services its eating me personally lively trying to figure this aside.

My Personal Comments

Ok Vince, hold on to anything tight-fitting because here happens some tough adore…

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